The Premises

The Lacoviana production unit is situated in the industrial area of Neiva, an area of over 10.000m2, of which 7.000m² is covered for lacquer and anodizing purposes and a separate 1.000m2 for insulation.

Lacoviana has a lacquering unit with two paint lines that allow quick colour changes, as well as an anodizing unit being one of Europe's most modern, fully automated and a capacity of over 36.000 amps.


Lacoviana’s annual production capacity exceeds 2.7 million square metres. In this same unit, and in addition to the anodizing service, Lacoviana offers all industrial equipment to achieve the required mechanical treatments (brush, polish, repolish).

The annual production capacity exceeds 2.7 million square meters (...)

The insulation unit has two semi-automatic machines allowing an enormous flexibility to different kinds of profiles of inumerous brands on the market, all with high production capacity. Lacoviana stores all its polyamide products in this unit.

Caring for materials

All services undertaken at Lacoviana also have automatic packaging equipment for all types of specific packaging, including for exporting (cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, containers etc.).

Quality Laboratory

Apart from the aforementioned production units, Lacoviana also has a fully-equipped laboratory with the latest technology and equipment for testing required by QualicoatQualideco e Qualanod, as well as for any other internal testing.

Industrial Water Treatment

In order to meet the highest environmental impositions, Lacoviana has a plant for the treatment of water and on an ecological perspective, a reverse osmosis unit that allows for the reuse of approximately 75% of the water used in the production process.


The company also has a canteen equipped to serve meals to more than 75 people simultaneously.