Our Numbers

The facilities and production capacity

With our production unit installed in the Industrial Zone of Neiva (Viana do Castelo), we have a covered area of over 12.000 m2, with a main nave of 7.000 m2 of covered area with all the administrative services, quality department and where you will find the horizontal lacquering and anodizing line, a 1.000 m² unit with the insulation service and another of 4.000 m2 with the vertical lacquering line.

In the main nave, there is a lacquering unit, with two paint booths that allow rapid changes of colour and an anodizing unit, the most modern in Europe, fully automated and with an installed power of 36 thousand amps.

The new production unit with the vertical paint line

A new vertical painting line (with 4.000 m2) was added to the existing 8.000 m2 of covered area, this year, which aims to prepare the company for the next years with the most modern production technology.

In this way, we can optimize production, delivery times and take special care, even more, with sustainability and environmental efficiency.

The production

Our annual production capacity exceeds 6 million square meters. In this same unit, and in addition to the anodizing service, we have available all the industrial equipment needed to perform the mechanical treatments (brushed, sanded, polished and repolished).

The annual production capacity exceeds 6 million square meters.

In the insulation unit, there are two semi-automatic machines that allow us to have enormous flexibility to insulate all types of profiles and the most varied brands in the market. In this same unit, we store the polyamide stock.

Materials care

All the services offered are equipped with automatic packaging equipment and a special unit for the realization of all types of specific and export packaging (cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, containers, etc.).

Quality laboratory

We also have a laboratory, completely renovated at the end of 2017, with all the valences to carry out the tests required by QUALICOAT, QUALIDECO and QUALANOD, as well as other internal tests of the company.

Wastewater treatment

More than obeying the demanding environmental impositions, caring for the environment is something that worries us. To think about this, we have built an IWTP (Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant) for water treatment and a reverse osmosis unit that allows a great reuse of the water used in the production process.


We have a canteen able to serve meals for more than 75 people at the same time.

Changing and shower rooms

In addition to the changing and shower rooms added to the new production unit, also in the oldest unit there are those facilities capable of giving the best conditions to our employees. Thought since the beginning to provide the comfort and hygiene needed to make them feel at home.

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