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We were born in 1988 and we already have 30 years of experience in the treatment of aluminium.

There are few, but very consistent, words that define us: experience, quality and satisfaction.
We already have 30 years of experience in the sector, which is why we are at the forefront of aluminium treatment, whether in lacquering, anodizing or insulation.
We have, for more than 20 years, the quality certification QUALICOAT. We also join QUALIDECO, QUALANOD and ISO 9001. We are still considered PME Líder since 2010 and were distinguished as PME Excellence in 2016. All this combined with the continuous modernization of our production lines using the highest technology. The result can only be a final product of great quality, different from what already exists in the market.
Satisfaction? More than ours that comes by addition, is the one of the final client that we care. We struggle every day and in everything we do, from the smallest to the largest works, from the simplest to the most complex, using our great responsiveness and flexibility so that this is the basis of our work when we respond to your request.

Company history

Beginning with a modest treatment line and lacquering profiles, a more modern and more productive line was subsequently installed to allow a greater and better response to the final customer. In 1999, with the prospect of constant improvement, Lacoviana created a new industrial unit with a covered area of over 3000m2 – Lacquering -, equipped with the latest technology for aluminium lacquering in order to meet changing market requirements.

2003 saw the introduction of a new product – Wood Effect Lacquering – the company exclusively supplying such technology within the Portuguese market.

In 2007, in an effort to constantly meet the needs of the market, Lacoviana invested in offering another new service – Anodizing – doing so by means of a production line equipped with the most modern systems in the market, thus ensuring the highest quality and response.

In 2008, Lacoviana proceeded to modernize its thermal break line – Insulation - by creating a covered unit boasting 1000m2 with two semi-automatic lines dedicated to profiles insulation.
In 2017 we decided to move forward towards the construction of a new industrial unit within the area of existing units. This new unit with a new vertical painting line went into action in 2018, responding to our need for growth in lacquering services, in order to maintain the standards of service that our customers are accustomed.

At present

Currently, we have 12.000m2 of covered area with the most modern technology in the Lacquering (Horizontal and Vertical Line), Wood Effect Lacquering (Powder on Powder), Anodizing and Insulation. In addition to ISO:9001 certification, we also have some of the most demanding and respected product certifications such as QUALICOAT with Seaside Class A1 and A2 (lacquering), QUALIDECO (wood effect lacquering) and QUALANOD (anodizing).

The people

A business is essentially made up of people. Cliche? Perhaps! After all, machines have always allowed us an infinite possibility of things: different colours, textures and details, speed. Throughout the growth of humanity, there has never been any doubt that its discovery was the greatest achievement in industrial, scientific, and so on.
But, if we look closely at this topic, what are these same machines without someone who manages and monitors them? Here in Lacoviana, that's how we think. The care, attention, professionalism and dedication are not lacking in each of our employees, all properly trained and with the necessary knowledge to guarantee a final product of the highest quality to our customers.

The environment  

Another of our biggest concerns is in the environment and the ecological footprint we leave on the Planet. We are an environmentally friendly, sustainable and energy efficient company.
Our new vertical production line, besides preparing us for the next years with the most modern production technology, is also environmentally more sustainable and efficient.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility has always been in the focus of companies and institutions. And we were no exception! We recognize its importance for the impact it has on society in general and on the communities in greatest need in particular.

Socially responsible companies not only increase employee satisfaction and customer loyalty, but they also have a greater capacity for competitiveness and innovation.

In Lacoviana, we never wanted this reality to become an Achilles heel or an obligation. For this reason, environmental, social and economic good practices have always been an essential part of our strategy.

Sport is another practice we support. As part of our day-to-day work environment, and aware that we can influence everyone who follows us closely, we consider it important to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. That is why we always make sure to support national events and clubs because of their impact on sports and healthier habits promotion.

The Lacoviana Group

Companies Perfiviana and JM&RM are part of Lacoviana Group that, in partnership with Lacoviana, do the commercialization and transport of aluminium.

The aluminium

What do you know about aluminium?

Aluminium is a considerable present material in the earth's crust, being the third element more abundant (with approximately 8.5%). It only exists combined with other chemical compounds, much used by humanity since the earliest times.

When discovered in 1807 by the British chemist Humphrey Davy, aluminium was considered a precious metal along with gold and silver. At the time, it was common to find a wide variety of luxury aluminium items on the market.

However, due to its unique and diverse properties, the way we looked at this element was quickly converted. From the period between world wars (1918-1939), aluminium began its development in an unstoppable way in all means of transportation, construction, food packaging and domestic applications.

Aluminium has been seen as a modern metal, thus promoting the entry into the "aluminium age", succeeding the iron age.

Why should we choose aluminium nowadays?

  • It is lightweight, durable and long lasting;
  • It is very resistant to corrosion;
  • It is an excellent electric conductor;
  • It has good reflecting properties;
  • It is very flexible;
  • It is waterproof and odourless;
  • It is totally recyclable;
  • Allows multiple architectural and decorative solutions; 
  • Provides great safety in case of fire;
  • It brings more financial, ecological and energy advantages.

For these and other curiosities, click here and know why choosing this material for your building brings you a lot of advantages.

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