Wood Effect Coating

Label Qualideco since 2004

Certified to produce with SEASIDE AAA

Wood Effect Coating is an innovative application (powder on powder) that can be applied on all types of objects, regardless of size or dimension

Wood Effect Coating Technology

The technology used in this case is one of the most modern and innovative in the country, with lacquering down using a powder on powder process. 

The colours are merely a suggestion and shouldn't be used as a test colour. If required, kindly request a real tester.

For a full colour range, kindly contact Lacoviana or request our catalogue.  

Advantages of Wood Effect Coating

It can be applied on all types of objects, regardless of size, dimension or shape, from a simple doorknob or door hinge, to a more complex surface or even irregular surface, such as decorative panels. 

Norms and Quality

This system maintains the same quality standards and guarantee of standard lacquering, in addition to all norms as requested by  QUALIDECO.

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