Wood Effect Sublimation

Certified to produce with SEASIDE AAA

Sublimation offers a wide range of wood effect imitation with a high level of quality, durability and realism.

The technology

The sublimation technique allows the application of films of different colors and textures as well as a wide variety of designs and wood effects with a high level of quality, durability and realism.

Through a heat transfer process, sublimation occurs and the existing decoration in the film penetrates into the base paint that is previously made on the aluminum.

Pre-treatment is the same as for conventional lacquering, according with Qualicoat specifications. However, the paint used in this process is a polyurethane, a non-toxic product that is resistant to weather conditions, with high mechanical and UV resistance.

Although it can also be used on the outside, it is a recommended finish for the interior. For the outside it can be chosen another finish (lacquered or anodized) and in the inside put a "wood" adjusted with the style and decoration of the room.

The colours are merely a suggestion and shouldn't be used as a test colour. If required, kindly request a real tester.

For a full-colour range, kindly contact Lacoviana or request our catalogue.

The advantages

This system has the advantage of offering a wide range of wood effect imitation, with a high level of quality, durability and realism. It can be applied to all kind of profiles and also on sheets, decorative panels and accessories.

Regulations and quality

This system maintains the same quality standards and guarantee QUALICOAT of standard lacquering.

Materials Care

Because we believe that the finished material must be treated with care, we have a plastification service of profiles and smooth plates (one or two sides), in order to give a greater protection during the process of transport, storage and handling of the materials.

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