It complies with all EN14024:2004 norms.

The traditional aluminium windows consists of aluminium sections in one piece. Heat, cold and noise are very easily transmitted through the profile.

Reasons to use Thermal Break

The aluminium window frames with thermal break point have the inner and outer sides separated by an insulating member composed of two polyamide bars reinforced with fiberglass. This system allows one to create a barrier that insulates heat, cold and noise from the outside, increasing comfort inside the house.

The consciousness that exists today concerning the importance of windows with double glazing should also be extended to the aluminium. 

The double glass partially loses effectiveness when combined with a system that doesn’t include thermal break aluminium, thus bringing about a loss in energy.


Lacoviana provides the service of joining of profiles through polyamide (thermal cutting) as per all the requirements of the EN14024: 2004 norm.

Lacoviana is a certified company, recommended by  Technoformworld leader in this area.


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