Tour Citylights

Paris - France

Year: 2015

Architecture: Christian Devillers and Dominique Perrault

Finishes: Anodised

Colour: Natural Satin + Natural Polished

Microns: 15 microns + 20 microns

Requirements: Qualanod Norms + VEC

Aluminium: Sapa

The renewal of the Citylights Towers is currently underway. In a joint partnership between General Electric and BNP Paribas Real Estate, the two will partake in the revival, improvement and dynamism of the Pont de Sevres district


From Mendon hill, Pont de Sèvres boasts one of the best views of the Greater Paris area. A strategic location at the entrance to the city through Boulogne-Billancourt. The renovation of "Tours Citylights– its new name – will be an architectural landmark.


Dominique Perraultthe appointed architect, decided to create a shiny luminous line visible at a distance, highlighting the towers’ silhouette as seen from the Seine. This line is made up of the new façade that spreads out on one third of each tower’s height. The base of the building that joins the three office towers spreads out over three levels.

The "Tours Citylightsare characterized by an ambitious environmental policy. The construction is connected to the Index heating network. Powered by 64% of renewable energy, it covers most of the needs for heating and cooling. It was also designed to reduce the consumption of drinking water by 30%. The surroundings include a lot of vegetation which will help improve the biodiversity of the area. 

All the surrounding areas of Torres Citylights will benefit from this renovation.


Lacoviana has been a part of this magnificent project through use of the company’s technology and 25-year know-how in the treatment of aluminium by being part of the construction of the facade and window frames. Treatment of aluminium started in September 2013 and will continue for more than six months.

Apart from the treatment of aluminium, Lacoviana holds VEC certification of the aluminium, thus guaranteeing perfect material state on arrival in Paris.


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