Loanda Towers

Luanda - Angola

Year: em execução desde 2013

Architecture: WKK - Arquitectura

Builder: Grupo FMC

Finishes: Coated

Colour: RAL7015 Gloss

Requirements: Qualicoat Norms + Seaside

Thermal Break: EN14024:2004 Norms

Aluminium: Reynaers

A reference of a new, modern and cosmopolitan Luanda. A benchmark of quality, innovation and value


Located in one of the main avenues of Luanda, the Loanda Towers building is a mix of housing, offices and services over 26 floors above the ground and 5 underground floors for basements, garages, storage rooms and technical areas with a construction area of 43,249 m² and 14.400m² respectively.

Through its striking image, Loanda Towers will serve as a point of redevelopment of its surrounding area and the entire urban context. It is surely a reference point for a new, modern and cosmopolitan Luanda. A benchmark of quality, innovation and value.


The project is divided into two towers, architecturally very similar although different with respect to their height, structuring a cohesive element, with architectural potential for becoming a landmark. This bilateralism between city environment and architectural element results in the construction of innovative character where environmental concerns intersect with an innovative and unique concept representative of the new Luanda.

A building of innovative nature where environmental concerns intersect with a single, representative concept of the new Luanda.

The two towers start from a common base. On the ground floor, building accesses are distributed to the two buildings (two separate entrances), access to housing (Tower A) and access to the office tower (Tower B). Besides these two main accesses to the building, we also have individualized access this floor to each of the office / stores, as well as a direct access to emergency stairs that serve floors 1 and 2. Floors 1, 2 and 3 are exclusively for offices. At level 3, apart from office spaces, we can still find, between the two towers, a recreational area.


Over this project, Lacoviana did the aluminium lacquering and crimping, guaranteeing the correct packaging in order to arrive on-site in perfect condition.

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