Fórum Sintra

Sintra - Portugal

Year: 2011

Builder: Mota-Engil and Opway

Finishes: Coated

Colour: RAL9100 Mate / 9005 Mate

Requirements: Qualicoat Norms

Thermal Break: EN14024:2004 Norms

Alumimium: Sapa

Forum Sintra was the largest shopping center in the Sintra area, inaugurated in 2011, creating 2.500 direct jobs and 800 indirect jobs.


Resulting from the expansion and refurbishment of the Feira Nova Sintra, Forum Sinatra offers 55,000 m² of commercial area, creating a new pole of attraction for the people of Sintra and neighbouring municipalities. The architectural concept and execution of Forum Sintra is the responsibility of ARX and Chapman Taylor, respectively. The relationship with the IC-19 freeway or nearby woods crowned by the Pena Palace, are the theme for an architecture that sought to reconcile a contemporary invention. Its mass is separated in two opposite vertical extracts: a heavy base, which connects the black concrete building to the ground, and a second indented building of Portuguese influence. The stark contrast of these materials and textures brings about an abstract and modern look, but at the same time guarantees a stylish and culturally integrated presence. Highlight goes to the food court where the garden terrace blends in with the surrounding Sintra hill, almost as if an extension of it.

Source: Câmara Municipal de Sintra

Promoters and Investment

Promoted by Multi Development Portugal and managed by Multi Mall Management Portugal, Fórum Sintra represented a total investment of 170 million Euros.


Lacoviana was responsible for the aluminium thermal break and surface coating.

All the supplied material was treated accordingly, thus complying with all the strict Qualicoat + Seaside norms.

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