Qualicoat License N.º 813

Obtained since 2001


To determine if a lacquer meets the requirements of its customers, results must be measured according to technical specifications

What is Qualicoat?

Qualicoat is therefore an organization that issues a quality license to promote and maintain the coating quality of lacquering or painting on aluminium surfaces and its alloys in architecture. 

What is the advantage of the Qualicoat certificate?

Working on behalf of its clients with lacquered products, Qualicoat defines the quality requirements to be met and monitors compliance by authorized users worldwide. This guarantees buyers of coated aluminium a premium quality product, offering long-term value and consistent quality.

Qualicoat at Lacoviana

Lacoviana features the Qualicoat Quality Mark since 1997, having met the requirements to produce finishes with SEASIDE Class AAA (double attack alkaline/acid)

When changing premises to the new industrial area in Viana do Castelo, a new Qualicoat license was awarded as of 2001 (license number 813), passing the original license onto Minholac (license number 810) which in turn moved to Lacoviana’s previous premises. For this reason, Lacoviana holds a certificate from 2001, despite having the Qualicoat license since 1997.

For more information visit www.qualicoat.net

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